An immersive fllm
capturing the very essence
of professional cycling


David Millar, one of the most compelling athletes Great Britain has ever produced, takes us on a visceral journey over the course of a single bike race.

Millar’s personality defines the way he races, his outspokenness, his protestations, his loneliness, the drug ban, his eagerness to be liked, but also his cockiness, his past wins and his disappointments – are all key to who he is as a person and professional bike rider.

An immersive, sensory experience, Millar takes us to the heart of the action, we’ll feel every pedal stroke, bead of sweat, hear every breath, gearshift, and heartbeat as he takes on a gruelling stage race. We see the world from his point of view throughout, embodying his experience of racing as a professional.  

Duration: 90 min

Due for completion in 2014 
Directed by Finlay Pretsell
Produced by Sonja Henrici 

Cycling Films Ltd.

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